11th IIIT Bosnian Summer Program Launched

IIIT Bosnian Summer Program Launched: “Islam in Europe: Challenges of Pluralism”

On August 13, the eleventh IIIT Bosnian Summer School entitled “Islam in Europe: Challenges of Pluralism” has been launched.

IIIT Bosnian Summer School is organized by the International Institute of Islamic Thought, the Institute of Epistemological Studies – Europe in Brussels and the Center for Advanced Studies in cooperation with the Fairfax Institute in the United States. This year the program is hosted by the International University of Sarajevo.

The IIIT European Summer School Islam in Europe: Challenges of Pluralism offers unique tools to navigate our reality and world with its rapidly growing pluralistic scene. In order to successfully tackle the challenges in this context, the program offers academically rigorous and innovative analysis and solutions delivered by diverse and internationally acknowledged scholars and professors of exceptional faculty.

The program is primarily designed for postgraduate students who wants to gain more information and to become familiar with modern approaches in the fields of Islamic studies, humanities and social sciences.