The Institute of Political Studies ‘Sami Frashëri’ from Tirana and Center for Advanced Studies from Sarajevo are organizing the symposium

Balkans 2030: Challenges to Peace, Security, and Stability

November 19-20, Grand Hotel Europa, Shkodra

In the context of rapid and unpredictable developments at the international level and regional developments, the symposium aims to:

  • create a coalition of organizations and individuals from the Western Balkans (Albania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro) coming from academia, diplomacy, NGO sector and politics, who possess in-depth expertise and share common concerns toward developments in the region;
  • identify short and medium-term threats and challenges to the peace, stability and prosperity of the countries of the Balkan region;
  • elaborate and provide policy proposals to deal with these risks in a timely manner, finding adequate solutions, proposing and encouraging forms of regional cooperation on a parity basis.

The first meeting of the symposium Balkans 2030: Challenges to Peace, Security and Stability will gather personalities such as Reuf Bajrović, Azem Vllasi, Shaban Murati, Sead Turčalo, Emir Hadžikadunić, Kim Mehmeti, Nedžma Džananović-Miraščija, Ardian Muhaj, Nexhmedin Spahiu, Admir Mulaosmanović, who will discuss current changes on the international level, the weakening of the collective security system, the redefinition of the United States Grand Strategy, uncertainties about the future of the European Union and how such developments may affect the Balkan region.