Koránský světonázor: Východisko pro kulturní reformu (Zkrácená verze)

NaslovKoránský světonázor: Východisko pro kulturní reformu (Zkrácená verze) (Czech)
Naslov originalaThe Qur’anic Worldview: A Springboard for Cultural Reform (Abridged edition)
PrevodilacZora Hesova
Godina izdanja2018
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T-he IIIT Books-In-Brief Series is a valuable collection of the Institute’s key publications written in condensed form designed to give readers a core understanding of the main contents of the original. Produced in a short, easy to read, time-saving format, these companion synopses offer a close, carefully written overview of the larger publication and it is hoped will stimulate readers into further exploration of the original.

AbdulHamid AbuSulayman’s The Qur’anic Worldview: A Springboard for Cultural Reform was published in complete form in 2011 and forms the English translation of the author’s Arabic original, al- Ru’yah al-Kawniyyah al-Hadariyyah. This well reasoned and reflective work tries to put forward an understanding of the deteriorating state of the Muslim world, of the forces that have led to a dilution of the Qur’anic worldview within the Muslim conscience, and how to reverse this decline. Few would disagree with the diagnosis. As AbuSulayman rightly points out, recovery of the Qur’anic worldview is essential for any real and lasting transformation. It was the strict internalization of this perspective and close adherence to the principles of the Qur’an as well as the prophetic Sunnah which, he notes, played a key role in galvanizing the early Muslim community to achieve the successes it once did, and the impact of which is felt to this day.

Muslims have long tried to make sense of their predicament. The rebirth of Islamic identity through this Qur’anic worldview, insists the author, is the key requirement of our times and a prerequisite for any future viable development of the Ummah.

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