Sarajevo: Russell Tribunal on Kashmir

Russell Tribunal on Kashmir

December 17 – 19, 2021

Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Kashmir Civitas, a Canadian registered NGO, has partnered with the World Kashmir Awareness Forum, Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation (Nottingham, UK), the Permanent People's Tribunal of Bologna, Italy, Nahla (Center for Education and Research), the Center for Advanced Studies in Sarajevo, International University of Sarajevo (IUS) and AlJazeera Balkans, to hold the maiden

Russell Tribunal on Kashmir in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

on December 17-19, 2021.

Tribunal on Kashmir aims to reaffirm the primacy of international law as the basis for solving the Kashmir conflict. Moreover, it aims to raise awareness of the responsibility of the international community to prevent ongoing crimes against humanity and the potential for a genocide to occur.

The organizational structure of the Russell Tribunal on Kashmir consists of

(1) judges,

(2) prosecutors/moderators,

(3) specialists/academics and witnesses.

Each has been assigned a specific role.

For all interested, please fill out the application form due to the epidemiological restrictions at: