Rethinking Islamic Education in Europe

NaslovRethinking Islamic Education in Europe (English)
Godina izdanja2022
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This volume consists of a selection of papers presented at the conference Rethinking Islamic Education in Europe held at the Faculty of Islamic Studies of University of Sarajevo in 2017. The conference was convened in conjunction with the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Faculty of Islamic Studies.

The conference aimed to explore the place of Islamic education in Europe with respect to how it can critically realise its current and future positive potential as well as the ways, means and processes by which it can evolve both intrinsically in its various forms and externally at various levels across European society. Scholars, researchers, educators, professionals and other stake holders were discussing issues, challenges and opportunities in Islamic Education within the European context in order to explore conceptions and goals of Islamic Education, the status of Islamic Education in Public Educational Institutions, forms of formal, non-formal and informal Islamic Education in Europe, and further innovation in Islamic Education learning and teaching.

The volume opens with a set of papers dealing with general questions of objectives of and approaches to Islamic education. The remaining papers in one way or the other deal with country specific issues in Austria, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, Germany, Malaysia, The United Kingdom, and Ukraine. The introduction is written by the late Professor Ataullah Siddiqui, whose memory and contribution to the field of Islamic education we cherish.

Rethinking Islamic Education in Europe

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