End-of-Life Decisions for Muslims in Albania

An Interdisciplinary Approach


  • Ervin Pupe Albanian Supreme Court
  • Denard Veshi University Beder




Advance Directives, Code of Medical Ethics, Hadith, Islamic Literature on Medical Jurisprudence, Legal Approach, Qur'an


This study investigates end-of-life decisions through Islamic and legal comparative approaches by focusing on the Albanian context. The methods applied in this paper are critical legal reasoning and legal comparison. The goal of this research is to review the impact of the Islam legal culture (Qur’an and hadith) on the Albanian law of end-of-life decisions. From a legal approach, this paper underlines the unconstitutionality of the Albanian Code of Medical Ethics. In addition, the review of the Islamic literature on medical jurisprudence demonstrates the attitude of Muslim community regarding end-of-life decisions in addition to scientifically examine the various rules governing end-of-life situations codified in the Islam legal sources by only considering the Qur’an and hadith. This investigation aims to understand the similarities and differences between these two different approaches by also underlying the importance of Islam approach on end-of-life situations on the Albanian legislation.


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Pupe, E., & Veshi, D. (2022). End-of-Life Decisions for Muslims in Albania: An Interdisciplinary Approach. Context: Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, 8(2), 73–93. https://doi.org/10.55425/23036966.2021.8.2.71