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Muslims in Europe: Challenges of Pluralism

Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, 5 – 19 August 2015


The programme is designed for European graduate students majoring in Islamic studies, humanities or the social sciences and who are interested in developing their knowledge and expertise in the topics listed here. The programme will also provide an opportunity for participants to present and discuss their particular research in workshops. During the course of the programme, participants will complete a total of 80 hours of direct research and instruction and will receive a certificate of attendance from the organisers and the International University of Sarajevo. In addition to Sarajevo, participants will visit Mostar and Srebrenica.

Food and accommodation for participants will be covered by the organizers. There is a limited number of scholarships available to cover travel expenses for the students who cannot find funding from other sources. Students should have their own health insurance coverage. The organizers do not provide health – or any other form – of insurance to students.

Attendance by Registration only. Places are limited. The program will be held in English. Those interested, and competent in English, should complete and submit the application form with an updated C.V. and a letter of reference from their department or supervisor no later than 1 May 2015 to:

Mirnes Duranovic

Project Manager, Center for Advanced Studies

Tel. +387 33 716 041 Mobile: +387 61 330 035

Email: projectmanager@cns.ba

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  • Dr. Ahmet Alibašić
  • Dr. Anas Al-Shaikh-Ali, CBE
  • Dr. Beddy Ebnou
  • Dr. Enes Karić
  • Dr. Ermin Sinanović
  • Dr. Fikret Karčić
  • Dr. Jasser Auda
  • Dr. Jonathan Brown
  • Dr. Jorgen S. Nielson
  • Dr. Omar H. Kasule
  • Dr. Tuba Boz
  • Dr. Yaqub Mirza
  • Dr. Ziauddin Sardar



  • Approaching the Qur’an and the Sunnah
  • Research Methodology for Islamic Sciences and Studies
  • Higher Objectives of Islamic Law and Ethics
  • Faith Based Business
  • Islam in Europe
  • Muslims in the Contemporary West: Challenges of an Encounter
  • Islam and Major Themes in Contemporary Western Thought
  • Major Themes in Contemporary Islamic Thought
  • Crisis of Islamic Civilization
  • Educating Young Muslims in Europe
  • Islamic Worldview and Predicament of Modern Man
  • Muslim Participation in European Processes and Institutions

Organised by

IIIT London Office

Institute for Epistemological Studies Europe, Brussels

and Center for Advanced Studies, Sarajevo

In cooperation with

The Fairfax Institute, USA

 Hosted by

The International University of Sarajevo

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